Friday, 27 June 2014

White Lies for the Dead - crime novel


With my second Sci Fi collection up on Kindle now (hopefully), I'll be turning my eyes back to editing and polishing my completed crime book "White Lies for the Dead".  It's not a science fiction book, but it is set in the very near future, in a London that is both familiar and slightly alien.

The story centres around Rhys Soloman, a London police detective, who seems to be the only person taking a series of seemingly racial killings seriously.  But the arrival of a new coroner - Dr Muna Mian - helps Soloman to start getting closer to the truth.

Essentially a story about a city that has decided it is more interested in finding scapegoats than actual killers, "White Lies for the Dead" will be published in the autumn.

(I'm also going to be running a competition on twitter to let reader vote on the final cover artwork)


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Author Pages and contacts on the Interweb - come say hello

Hello all,

As well as this blog, I'm all over the internet, so if blogs are not your poison of choice why not check out one of the below? 

Twitter: @bookishchap  (and @SolomanNovels for my crime thrillers)



My Website:

Author Central:

I'll update this as I join or leave things - but do feel free to say hello.


Friday, 20 June 2014

A Country Fit For Zeros - Story List


Thought I'd share the list of stories in my new collection with you today.  A real eclectic mix of sci fi, horror, satire and points in-between.  Out on Kindle later today. Other formats soon after.

Lifeforms of the Rich and Famous
Satellite 1
The Fog of Wharr
The Not Quite Long Enough Goodbye
Kim 4
The Last Bookshop
Mr Smith Is late
The Old Boys's Network
No World for Old Men

Hope you enjoy them

Monday, 16 June 2014

a starship is not a dragon

Hello.  Bit of a memory fragment on the blog today:

Go into any bookshop (if you can find one still) or online, and when you look for science fiction books, you'll find them there on the shelf with the fantasy books in some weird forced marriage.

I worked in a bookshop when I was 16 and remember asking the manager why that was.  He shrugged, "Same sort of crowd buy them I suppose. " (I think he just wanted the goths and 'aromatics' at the back of the shop)

He didn't know I avidly liked  science fiction, so I kept it quiet, but I always felt SF and fantasy fans were getting a shoddy deal.  Many, like me, enjoy science fiction , but are not really into fantasy ( and I know  of others who liked fantasy but not SF).  Working in the bookshop, I also saw people buy crime and romance books in one purchase, but I never saw THOSE genres squashed on the same shelf.  And rightly so.

And so it goes today.

I know it's a sales thing.  It's probably a good sales thing or businesses wouldn't do it.  But a starship is not a dragon and a wizard is not a robot. 

Still, as long as we're all reading, no harm done. 


Thursday, 12 June 2014

3 Microfiction Stories - horror and humour in 81 Words


Thought I'd share the links to three of my stories that are up on  These are my favourites that I've posted there.  Hope you enjoy them.

The Angel's Share:

Begins Forty Days:

A Funny Sort of Death:

The voters on the site seem to (mostly) like them - see what you think.


Goodreads: The Good, The Bad and the Trashy


I've spent quite a bit of time on Goodreads lately, looking at peoples' lists and uploading books I've read and rated.

It's addictive, and great to be in the 'company' of fellow book heads.

But something I found myself doing is only posting books I liked.  Generally I'm giving around 4 stars.  Now, the site is called Goodreads after all, but should I be posting up stinkers as well to warn people off? If there's genuinely terrible - or worse BORING - books on my bookshelf, should I tell the world my opinion? 

You can find me here on Goodreads:


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Covers that ALMOST made it - Book ART


Thought I'd share with you some of the covers that almost made it for my new sci fi collection "A Country Fit For Zeros".  All courtesy of Richard Ellis (@bookartguy) - enjoy

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

New Book update


Just a little info burst:

Firstly, the new collection "A Country Fit for Zeros" has been delayed a week or so for various reasons too dull to go into (ie: editing!)

Secondly, to make up for it, I'm going to post a free story here soon ( from the collection) called "The Old Boys Network. "  I hope you enjoy it.

( You can of course still pick up my old collection for the bargain price of 77p or 99c here:  )


Thursday, 5 June 2014



Updated Launch Info:  I'm pleased share the final revised artwork to my new book: " A Country Fit For Zeros", which will be out on Kindle Tues 24th June , and on Kobo and other formats shortly after.  Story list to follow very shortly...

The book is a satirical collection of sci fi, horror, zombies and politics - ( a collection of stories that I'm very proud of.)  And zombies.  Did I mention zombies?

The book will be available at a reduced price of 77p/99cents  for the first week or so.   ( I won't be offering it for free at any point unlike previous books.)


Monday, 2 June 2014

NEW ARTWORK: Fiction on Foreign Planets


Fiction on Foreign Planets has a new cover courtesy of designer Richard Ellis (@bookartguy). 

The book is here on Kindle:

I've also commissioned Richard to do the cover for my next collection, "A Country Fit For Zeros" and he's also working on some ideas for my novel cover - will share those too at some point.


New Cover:

Sunday, 1 June 2014

TWITTER feeds for Author Sean Kavanagh


For those of you who like the 140 beast, I am on twitter with news and other info about my writing, reading and other things of (some) interest.

My main twitter is: @bookishchap  - but I also have a separate twitter for each of book series - @SolomanNovels is the feed for my upcoming Rhy Soloman crime novels set in near future London.  

Look forward to following you (not literally of course, that would be weird).