Sunday, 6 July 2014

Reviews for Fiction on Foreign Planets


I haven't really been posting reviews for my first collection, but it's been getting 4.5/5 on average on Kindle - so if you're thinking of picking the collection up, hopefully these might be useful to you.

From Amazon Australia:

"At turns high concept, satirical and frivolous.
Full of the promise, wit and ambition of the early Iain M Banks short collection.
Looking forward to more from Sean Kavanagh"

From Goodreads

"A short story collection where the word 'short' really does not do it justice. Very short, snappy slices of sci-fi, and very funny in places. The stories all follow a similar pattern, a standard sci fi set up, alien setting, or alien characters, or both, with a quirky twist at the end of each, all of which are very satisfying in their own way.
My personal favourite is one which tries (hilariously) to blame global warming on tge Roswell landings. Another about a sentient android spreading disease throughout the galaxy is intelligently written.
Overall a very quick, enjoyable read. Recommended."

From Kindle UK

"An excellent collection of imaginative and well written short stories.
It's fair to say that this stands up well against any of the recent bookshop titles I've purchased in this genre and I look forward to reading more of this authors work.
Great value for money and highly reccomended! "

UK Kindle Link:

US Kindle Link:

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