Sunday, 18 January 2015

Reviews of my first book "Fiction on Foreign Planets - vol 1"

Hello all.

I'm not sure why I didn't post up a collection of reviews at the time, but as I was updating my main website, it seemed like a sensible thing to do - so if you're after more info on my first collection of science fiction, here are some reviews: (if it sounds like your kind of book, the Kindle links are at the bottom) - Cheers, SK

EDIT: The book is now just 99c/99p and available to lend on Kindleunlimited

From Amazon UK:

"A short story collection where the word 'short' really does not do it justice. Very short, snappy slices of sci-fi, and very funny in places. The stories all follow a similar pattern, a standard sci fi set up, alien setting, or alien characters, or both, with a quirky twist at the end of each, all of which are very satisfying in their own way.
My personal favourite is one which tries (hilariously) to blame global warming on tge Roswell landings. Another about a sentient android spreading disease throughout the galaxy is intelligently written.
Overall a very quick, enjoyable read. Recommended" -

"An excellent collection of imaginative and well written short stories.

It's fair to say that this stands up well against any of the recent bookshop titles I've purchased in this genre and I look forward to reading more of this authors work.

Great value for money and highly reccomended! "

"Brilliant collection of short stories. Written by someone with a natural flair for drama."  - 5 STARS

From Amazon USA

"Although short, this book still included eight fascinating tales. I really enjoyed this collection of short stories and would definitely read this author again! I loved the writing style and enjoyed everyone of the eight tales. Great job" - 5STARS

From Goodreads

"This book has some unique stories. Some are really strange, and some are funny but each story has something you couldn’t probably guess before starting the book. Science Fiction readers would be interested in giving these stories a try.

It’s a quick and interesting reading; giving us a peek on visions of future" -

"Fiction on Foreign Planets” is a witty collection of sci-fi stories, which are well crafted and are a lot of fun. The author clearly understands and enjoys the sci-fi genre and so is able to create scenarios that every SF fan will recognise – so we get alien invasions, androids, space travel, etc, but whereas these ingredients usually end in cosmic disaster and wars in “Foreign Planets” they are mostly greeted with wry humour.
There are a couple of exceptions: “The Insurance Man” and “Android Mary” can be read as straight sci-fi, with a definite nod to Philip K. Dick. But, since Dick was the most naturally humorous of the great SF writers, anyway, it isn’t too much of a stretch and these stories add a slightly darker tone, which works well.
Most of the stories, though, end in what might almost be described as punch-lines, which makes it difficult to discuss them in detail without spoiling the effect. So, I’ll avoid doing that. What I will say is that anyone who’s a fan of “Red Dwarf” or “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” is bound to enjoy reading “Foreign Planets”."

From Amazon Australia

"At turns high concept, satirical and frivolous.
Full of the promise, wit and ambition of the early Iain M Banks short collection.
Looking forward to more from Sean Kavanagh."



Thursday, 8 January 2015

Science Fiction - my online stories


My new Kindle collection should be with you soon (if it's not already up by the time you read this).  But until then, you have a look at a few sample shorts and bits of flashfiction which I've put the links to below.  They're all sci fi or horror - and free - so why not have a look?  thanks SK

Stories on

"The Price of Courage":

"The Mighty Blade":

"People are EVERYWHERE":

Stories on Wattpad:

"Mr Smith is Late":

"We Regret to Inform You":